Question 1

How can I chat with the suppliers online?

To help buyers and suppliers chat online, We provide an online tool called "Tawk". You can chat with the suppliers by clicking the button Chat available on the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Question 2

How can I search for products?

Use keywords to search: and enter a product name in the search box, and then click the Search button.

Question 3

How can I apply for a Discount?

Kindly open any product on which you would like to negotiate on price with a supplier and you will find a button "Request for Discount".

Question 4

How can I place the request for a Discount?

Once you click on the "Request For Discount" button, you need to fill in the appropriate information in the pop-up and click on Submit button

Question 5

Where I can check all my Discount Requests

You can click on "Discount Request List" to find all the discount requests

Question 6

How would I know whether my request for "Request For Discount" is approved?

Once you open "Discount Request List", you can check the status of the corresponding request. If the status shows "Quote Approved", It means your request has been approved by the supplier

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