PCO1000WD0 pCOWEB Ethernet serial card

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    The pCOWeb card is used to interface the pCO Sistema to networks that use the HVAC protocols based on the Ethernet physical standard, such as BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP and SNMP.

    The card also features an integrated Web-Server, which both contains the HTML pages relating to the specific application and allows a browser to be used for remote system management. An internal logger is also provided for creating logs (.CSV file) of 20 variables, and a graph of 5 variables (.SVG file). These files can be received every day via e-mail.

    The application on the pCO can be updated over a remote connection across an Ethernet network.
    The embedded LINUX operating system allows applications (plug-ins) to be added, developed directly by users to meet their own requirements.

    The pCOWeb card is compatible with the entire range of pCOSistema controllers that feature a BMS card slot: Supernode, pCOXs, pCO1, pCO3, pCO5 Compact, pCO5, pCO5+, c.pCO.

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