WB000DW0F0 Ultracella Temperature Controller

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    Ultracella is a family of products consisting of a control system for the basic functions of a cold room to which can be added further modules for accessory functionalities (e.g. electronic valve, power relays, etc.). The user interface ensures ease in use and it consists, depending on the models, of: • wide led display on which can be viewed the operating temperature and the active loads; • a graphic terminal with text strings in multiple languages, which
    guide the user during commissioning (wizard). It is also equipped with contextual help menus accessible during programming, that provide an accurate description of the alarms. The graphic terminal is also available as a “service tool”, which is useful when the control has the only LED interface. UltraCella has a port for the insertion of a USB memory key to: • load the languages for the graphic terminal during the first commissioning; • parameters upload/download; • other operations reserved for the service centre (e.g. software update); • download log of temperature recorded. When mounting the optional modules are matched to the right of the main control system and connected to it with watertight coupling, to ensure the IP degree of protection of the assembly. Main characteristics: • 6 relay outputs: compressor, defrost, fan, light, AUX1, AUX2; • assembly on guide DIN or wall;
    • LED board with bright display with 3 digits, with decimal point and icons that indicate the operating status; • integration of the keys in the front panel (LED board) to ensure a high degree of protection (IP65) and safety during operation and cleaning; • availability of 10 sets of parameters (recipes) preloaded by CAREL but modifiable, corresponding to the same number of parameters configurations, to adapt the control to the specific conservation needs required by the cold room; • navigation on intuitive user interface with contextual backlight keyboard;
    • defrost can be driven using the keyboard, digital input and supervisor; • various types of defrost managements, on one or two evaporators: natural (with stop compressor), resistance, hot gas; • control of compressors with up to 2 Hp or up to 3 Hp with the accessory power module; • temperature control with virtual adjustment probe; • digital inputs that can be confi gurated for alarm activation, enabling or activating defrost, door switch, auxiliary output, on / off , etc; • control of 1 compressor with double step or of two compressors, even with rotation;
    • keyboard safety: operation of the single keys can be disabled to avoid tampering; • light management by door switch or dedicated key; • alarm buzzer; • HACCP function: temperature monitoring and adjustment in case of
    alarm due to high temperature during operation or after black out; • RS485 network connection for remote monitoring and supervision sytems.

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